Introducing - An Innovative Purchasing Solution Giving Independent Pharmacies The Buying Power They Deserve

From a small pharmacy steeped in history and innovation, an idea was born -an online prescription drug purchasing program built by a family-owned small pharmacy for the small, community pharmacies anchoring cities and downtowns through the country.  Introducing - an innovative new purchasing solution that is shaking up the way wholesalers have been doing business for the last 100 years. Helping the average small, independent pharmacy save up to 20% off generic drug purchases and more than $600 per day (on an average of 200 prescriptions filled daily), is the 21st-century purchasing solution.

With changes in the industry due to skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs and reduced reimbursements from PBM’s, independent pharmacies are struggling to keep their doors open.  By offering a purchasing solution that allows pharmacies to compare prices of brand name and generic drugs across a number of wholesalers/drug distributors to maximize their purchasing dollar through better buying options, is giving participating pharmacies the purchasing power they deserve.

“After 40 years in this business, I’ve noticed first-hand the difference in quality of service that the small, independent pharmacies offer their patients. They develop personal relationships with patients, catch dosing errors and oftentimes recommend low-cost generics over expensive drugs whenever possible,” said Mike Steinhauser, President/CEO of” Unfortunately, I’ve also noticed that because they don’t have the buying power, these same hardworking pharmacies don’t get the value they deserve from their suppliers. To me, this is very unfortunate as these professionals really deserve better because they are delivering an exemplary value to their customers – they are on the frontlines 7 days a week serving their patients. My goal with is to give them the buying power and value they deserve.”

Steinhauser continues, “At, we focus exclusively on our price comparison model to provide pharmacists with the information they need to make informed buying decisions,” said Mike Steinhauser, President & CEO of “Our participating pharmacies rely on us to provide them with the lowest prices possible with data that is up-to-date and accurate. To that end, we have a dedicated technical staff that updates our pricing and inventory daily – so members can be confident that they are seeing the lowest prices available. We take the hassle and guesswork out of the purchasing process.” is focused on helping pharmacies tap into opportunities outside of their primary wholesaler on key products or areas where they can save money. “It’s not about shifting business away from those important primary wholesaler relationships, rather, it gives these pharmacies, for the first, the chance to compare prices and make informed decisions on where they can maximize savings from alternative source vendors,” said Steinhauser.

With features that include virtual inventory management, the ability to lock-in specific NDC’s, side-by-side cost comparisons and extensive data reports and analysis, comparisons and extensive data reports with in-depth data analysis, is not only’s an easy to use, secure site helping pharmacies get the value they deserve with every order.