Men's Grooming Brand eShave Launches Reformulated Pre Shave Oils - 100% Paraben Free!

Men’s grooming brand eShave ( introduces new and improved Pre Shave Oils with an enhanced formula that is 100% Paraben-Free. All of eShave’s products are entirely Paraben-free. The new oils are available in White Tea, Verbena Lime and Orange Sandalwood, (MSRP $22, 2oz).

eShave’s new and improved Pre Shave Oils contain a blend of natural oils that work together to soothe dryness, relieve irritation, and provide maximum razor protection. The super-moisturizing, lush blend of grapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, castor oil, and safflower oil tones and hydrates, promotes healthy cell turnover, and clarifies the skin. Added vitamins A and E deliver antioxidant properties to protect and leave skin feeling soft.

Lightweight and loaded with vitamins and proteins, eShave’s Pre Shave Oil is a highly refined extra-virgin formula that softens the whiskers, allowing the razor to glide easily over the skin. This well-balanced formula is easy to apply and penetrates the skin quickly, so it will never feel sticky and won’t clog pores.

Available in the following scents:

·      Orange Sandalwood - Formulated with a creative blend of exotic botanicals delivering powerful therapeutic properties that rejuvenate, balance and tone the skin with a fresh clean scent that awakens the senses with every shave. Winner of “Men’s Health Magazine’s” “Best Pre Shave Oil of 2011.” For all skin types.

·      Verbena Lime: A naturally invigorating and rejuvenating tonic for the skin that combines the stimulating properties of Lime and the soothing attributes of Verbena to awaken the senses as it soothes and energizes the skin in preparation for a smooth shave. For all skin types.

·      White Tea: The ideal protection against the elements, White Tea delivers potent skin healing, anti-aging antioxidants with a “zen-like” scent that is subtle and calming. For all skin types.

Available at: | $22 (2 oz)