As the next generation of diamond shoppers enters the marketplace, the diamond industry is experiencing a shift in consumer buying habits. Millennials are seeking quality, brilliance and sparkle while demanding affordability. To answer the call for a real diamond but at a price point that consumer savvy millennials are seeking, a new branded diamond is set to disrupt the industry. Introducing Eternitymark® Diamonds, the world’s first affordable branded diamonds, perfectly cut and designed for eternity. 

The old adage “less is more” rings true when it comes to Eternitymark® Diamonds.

“There has been a void in the diamond industry that Eternitymark® Diamonds is set to fill,” said Gregory William D., CEO of Eternitymark® Diamonds. “Until now, branded diamonds have come with a heavy price tag or quality is sacrificed for affordability. We want to offer a selection of trusted, real diamonds that are not only beautiful to look at but also surprisingly affordable.”

Eternitymark® Diamonds has set a new standard in diamond selection, allowing consumers to confidently purchase the most beautiful diamond at an exceptional value. When hand-selecting the gems, Eternitymark® Diamonds’ expert gemologists look far beyond the familiar Four C’s of diamond grading. While a diamond’s color and clarity attributes are important, it’s the perfect alignment of a diamond’s facets known as the “Ideal Cut” that gives Eternitymark® Diamonds the optimum sparkle and flashes of brilliant light that make the diamonds truly beautiful.

Eternitymark® Diamonds are sourced from ecologically aware mines and are responsibly cut and handled. Each is independently certified and engraved with a unique serial number, and each diamond is marked with a certificate of authenticity, showing it has met the standards of Ideal Cut, G-H color and VS clarity.

After founding and participating in many successful startups across Europe and the U.S., Mr. William D. brings to the diamond industry a fresh approach. He noticed a dominance by century old companies that weren’t accounting for the latest generation’s desire for affordable luxury without compromising on quality.

Mr. William D. explains the company’s unique poition in the market, “Selecting a diamond can be difficult for most as it involves knowing which combination of Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat, ‘The 4 C’s,’ offers the best quality and value.  Other branded diamonds do not always guarantee the best quality for the price based on the specifications chosen. Eternitymark® Diamonds were created with this knowledge in mind, by selecting quality diamonds that offer the most brilliance and sparkle at an uncompromising value.”

Beyond the narrowly defined specifications required to be an Eternitymark® Diamond, the company is set to keep prices competitive.  Any other comparable branded diamond will cost up to 40% more. The company hopes that by offering the most affordable option, customers will come to rely on an Eternitymark® Diamond to celebrate all of life’s special moments.

Eternitymark® Diamonds are available through a partnership with jewelry designer, Amoro Fine Jewelry -  the world’s most romantic jeweler.  Eternitymark® Diamond engagement rings start out at only $995,

About Eternitymark® Diamonds: The most sparkle, the best price. Eternitymark® Diamonds are optimized only in the finest Ideal Cut stones to exhibit optimum sparkle and flashes of brilliant light. Only diamonds with Ideal cut, VS clarity, G-H color, and specific carat weight are qualified to be independently certified and inscribed with a unique serial number as an Eternitymark® Diamond. Each diamond comes from ecologically aware mines, adhering to the Kimberley Process. Every Eternitymark® Diamond has been responsibly sourced, cut and handled. These stones offer the highest quality and value, at the best and most competitive price.