As the next generation of diamond shoppers enters the marketplace, the diamond industry is experiencing a shift in consumer buying habits. Millennials are seeking quality, brilliance and sparkle while demanding affordability. To answer the call for a real diamond but at a price point that consumer savvy millennials are seeking, a new branded diamond is set to disrupt the industry. Introducing Eternitymark® Diamonds, the world’s first affordable branded diamonds, perfectly cut and designed for eternity. 

The old adage “less is more” rings true when it comes to Eternitymark® Diamonds.

“There has been a void in the diamond industry that Eternitymark® Diamonds is set to fill,” said Gregory William D., CEO of Eternitymark® Diamonds. “Until now, branded diamonds have come with a heavy price tag or quality is sacrificed for affordability. We want to offer a selection of trusted, real diamonds that are not only beautiful to look at but also surprisingly affordable.”

Eternitymark® Diamonds has set a new standard in diamond selection, allowing consumers to confidently purchase the most beautiful diamond at an exceptional value. When hand-selecting the gems, Eternitymark® Diamonds’ expert gemologists look far beyond the familiar Four C’s of diamond grading. While a diamond’s color and clarity attributes are important, it’s the perfect alignment of a diamond’s facets known as the “Ideal Cut” that gives Eternitymark® Diamonds the optimum sparkle and flashes of brilliant light that make the diamonds truly beautiful.

Eternitymark® Diamonds are sourced from ecologically aware mines and are responsibly cut and handled. Each is independently certified and engraved with a unique serial number, and each diamond is marked with a certificate of authenticity, showing it has met the standards of Ideal Cut, G-H color and VS clarity.

After founding and participating in many successful startups across Europe and the U.S., Mr. William D. brings to the diamond industry a fresh approach. He noticed a dominance by century old companies that weren’t accounting for the latest generation’s desire for affordable luxury without compromising on quality.

Mr. William D. explains the company’s unique poition in the market, “Selecting a diamond can be difficult for most as it involves knowing which combination of Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat, ‘The 4 C’s,’ offers the best quality and value.  Other branded diamonds do not always guarantee the best quality for the price based on the specifications chosen. Eternitymark® Diamonds were created with this knowledge in mind, by selecting quality diamonds that offer the most brilliance and sparkle at an uncompromising value.”

Beyond the narrowly defined specifications required to be an Eternitymark® Diamond, the company is set to keep prices competitive.  Any other comparable branded diamond will cost up to 40% more. The company hopes that by offering the most affordable option, customers will come to rely on an Eternitymark® Diamond to celebrate all of life’s special moments.

Eternitymark® Diamonds are available through a partnership with jewelry designer, Amoro Fine Jewelry -  the world’s most romantic jeweler.  Eternitymark® Diamond engagement rings start out at only $995,

About Eternitymark® Diamonds: The most sparkle, the best price. Eternitymark® Diamonds are optimized only in the finest Ideal Cut stones to exhibit optimum sparkle and flashes of brilliant light. Only diamonds with Ideal cut, VS clarity, G-H color, and specific carat weight are qualified to be independently certified and inscribed with a unique serial number as an Eternitymark® Diamond. Each diamond comes from ecologically aware mines, adhering to the Kimberley Process. Every Eternitymark® Diamond has been responsibly sourced, cut and handled. These stones offer the highest quality and value, at the best and most competitive price.


The Coolest Wraps For Warmer Weather Just Arrived!

With warmer weather approaching, ARMigami, known as “The Shawl That Does Not Fall,” introduces six new fabrics for 2016 spring and summer. The new collection radiates layers of bold and youthful colors with a mix of new fabrics in playful textures and prints.  ARMigami easily transforms into 15+ styles and can be worn as a skirt for graduation ceremonies, a lightweight top for outdoor parties, a swimsuit cover-up, simple shawl, and more. Every ARMigami comes with a compact, matching pouch. The new fabrics are available now, starting at $64…

“My inspiration for this collection came to me during a trip to LA,” said Jocelyn Weinzimmer, Co-founder of ARMigami. “To meld together the youthfulness of LA’s style along with Chicago’s bold fashion looks, I thought about how to best layer outfits with interesting textures and on trend colors. Nothing updates a wardrobe easier than adding a colorful new scarf, and with this collection, our customers will have a variety of options that will compliment all of their warm weather outfits. Another perk, is that our wraps are perfect for traveling, as it can be used as a blanket on the plane, wrap in the airport, and cover-up at the beach. It really is the shawl that does it all!”

ARMigami’s spring/summer collection is a fun and flirty mix capturing the spirit that warm weather brings. Choose from the Ombre Camel Pink Sheer Mesh which combines both rosy quartz and iced coffee tones that compliment all skin types or the Ombre Sheer in a serenity blue tone. Add a pop of color to any spring/summer basics with ARMigami’s texturally exciting Multi-Colored Crotchet and sleek Rainbow Sherbet Swirl.  Along with adding whimsy to an outfit, ARMigami also provides a softer look with two intricate lace fabrics: Black Stripe Lace and Off-White Printed Lace with Black Stripe.


  • Lightweight Ombre Mesh, available in Pink & Camel and Light Blue & Camel, can be dressed up or paired with shorts and a tank for a laidback summer vibe.
  • Intricate Lace, available in Black Stripe and Off-White w/ Black Stripes, is a new warm weather fave.
  • Rainbow Sherbet Swirl for that quintessential summer tie-dye look.
  • Multi-Colored Crotchet offers a colorful Bohemian look perfect for summer.
  • Burnout White is this season’s trendiest color offering a simple, yet sleek look.

All new fabrics are affordably priced at $64.

About ARMigami: Founded by two sisters Joan Pavalon and Jocelyn Weinzimmer, ARMigami was inspired when their favorite wrap kept slipping out of place.  While creatively sewing buttons to their favorite fabrics, they discovered that much like the Japanese art of origami, their wrap could be formed into multiple shapes and uses, thus leading to ARMigami, “The Shawl That Does Not Fall.” ARMigami is available in select boutiques nationwide and online:, $64 - $140.


What You Need To Know: Organic Versus Natural

The organic and natural segment of the personal care market continues to be one of the fastest growing in the cosmetics and toiletries industry, reflected in double-digit annual percentage growth in the US year after year. Consumers are actively seeking out “organic” and “natural” skin care products to use as part of their daily skin care routine.

As the “green” consumer-driven market continues to gain momentum, more and more brands are popping up with the words “organic,” “natural,” and “chemical free” in their names and marketing collateral. In addition, companies are increasingly displaying organic trade or consumer group logos and agricultural certifications to show their professional affiliations and earn the trust and confidence of the discerning consumer.

With thousands of skin care products on the market, there’s a lot of confusion out there about the distinction between “organic” and “natural.” Although often used interchangeably, the differences can be quite significant. As more and more companies embrace the shift toward eco-friendly, green products, it’s imperative to discern quality and authenticity from “green washing,” which is the practice of making an unsubstantiated or misleading claim about the environmental benefits of a product.

Szilvia Hickman with Szep Elet, the exclusive North American distributor for ilike organic skin care products, which has been around since the late 1950s, shares with us what we need to know to discern the differences between the terms “natural” and “organic.”

What is the generally accepted definition of “Natural?”

The word "nature" is derived from the Latin word natura, or "nature nurtured; nature doing what nature does.” As it relates to skin care products, the generally accepted definition of the use of the word “Natural,” can be defined as “Any material that is harvested, mined or collected from nature and which may have subsequently been washed, decolorized, distilled, fractionated, ground, milled, separated or concentrated in order to remove a chemical or chemicals that would be available and detectable in the original source material.” Additionally, one could also add that “Natural material may be modified in order to alter or increase the yield of material by this process.”

As stated, this is a generally accepted definition. At this time, there is no government agency in charge of regulating the use of the term natural, allowing skin care companies to use the word “Natural” as they see fit.

What is the definition of “Organic?”

Unlike the unregulated term “Natural,” organic skin care labeled products must meet strict requirements by the certifying body.

Natural ingredients that result from organic farming methods are generally called “Organic.” Organic farming is a form of agriculture, which avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, plant growth regulators and livestock feed additives.

In a number of countries, including the US, China and most of Europe, organic farming is defined by law, so that the commercial use of the term “organic” to describe farming and food products is regulated by their respective governments. Where laws exist, it is usually illegal for a non-certified farm to call itself or its products organic. Farms need to have certification for their crops to be certifiable as organic cosmetic ingredients.

Unfortunately, some brands are claiming to be natural and/or organic when only a very small amount of their agriculturally grown ingredients are actually derived from farms with certified organic growing conditions.

Decision Time! What You Can Do When Choosing Skincare Products

According to Hickman, to cut through the clutter and confusion, there are a few things that consumers can do to ensure the products they are choosing are truly organic and/or natural. 

  • Find out how long the brand has been committed to sustainable organic/natural practices
  • Learn where their brand's certified organic/natural ingredients are grown. Are their sources traceable?
  • What preservatives are in the products? Chemical or natural? 
  • What certified organic/natural body do they use to certify their products?
  • Does the third party certifying body specialize in agricultural or cosmetic organic/natural standards?
  • Is the entire product certified organic/natural or only selected ingredients?
  • If only selected ingredients are certified, what % of the entire product is certified organic/natural including emulsifiers, preservatives, and water?
  • How long has the product been certified organic/natural? 

These few questions will help eco-beauty lovers determine the depth, transparency, and authenticity of any brand they may be considering for their skincare needs. Hickman encourages consumers to do a little bit of investigating beyond the label claims to ensure they are choosing products that are true to their claims. 

Do you have any tips or tricks for buying organic products that you trust? Share in the comments below!